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"Like most women who have
read "A Portable Identity" my first thought was: I wish I had this book when I made my first move..."

Robin Pascoe,
The Expat Expert, Author of Five Best-Selling Books on Expatriate Life, and Inspirational Speaker

Take Charge and
Embrace Change

As an expatriate accompanying or trailing spouse, your life alters dramatically when you relocate internationally to support your husband's or partner's career. Your identity undergoes significant changes as you leave friends, family, a career or a particular path or endeavor, along with social and support networks behind. Simultaneously you are faced with figuring out how to put your life back together in a foreign country and culture, and again when you return home, during repatriation.

As co-authors, relocation and life transitions coaches, and former expatriate spouses, we are recognized worldwide for our expertise on how international relocation affects your identity as an accompanying spouse. We are committed to helping expatriate women like you take charge of the changes associated with the mobile lifestyle and turn the challenges of expatriate life into opportunities.

We offer both a book for expatriate spouses, A Portable Identity, as well as expat spouse coaching services for a personalized plan for your success. Our book and coaching services can be utilized independently or together, and are designed to give you the information, resources, and tools to empower you to create the life you want and ensure a smooth transition wherever you relocate in the world.

A Portable Identity and our coaching services are valuable to accompanying spouses in all sectors, including the military, corporate, non-governmental organization, missionary, and foreign service; and can be utilized at any stage of the move, from pre-departure to arrival, while living overseas, or during repatriation.

The research shows that the accompanying spouse's satisfaction during an international relocation is key to its success. We invite you to take advantage of what we offer for a happier and more successful transition to expatriate or repatriate life.

All the Best,
Debra and Charise

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