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Coach with Debra or Charise to Take Charge of Change When You Move

"A Portable Identity encourages a woman to take the time needed to get in touch with herself."

Carol Usher,
Canadian Social Worker
living and working in the U.K., and Book Reviewer for Tales from a Small Planet, a website for expatriates

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Coaching for Repatriate Accompanying Spouses

Have you recently learned you are returning to your home country or have you already repatriated? As the accompanying spouse, you may be surprised by the challenge of this transition. After all, you are going home. However, you may find yourself having thoughts such as these:

"Early on in the assignment, I remember longing to 'go home', now that the time has come, I'm not sure I'm ready...I've changed... Will I fit in again?"...or..."I thought I would be happy to be back here... My friends and family don't get what I've been through...No one asks about my life overseas... This is not what I expected... I feel like a stranger in my own country...Who have I become?"

The reality is that when you relocate internationally, you change and home is not the familiar place it used to be. Your identity is affected by moving and living overseas. You have the experience of building a life for yourself in a foreign country. Going home can be an isolating and confusing experience. Many expatriates report that the transition "home" is equally as challenging as moving abroad. You are at a crossroads. Where do you begin? A Portable Identity Coaching can help ensure a smooth transition back home as you rebuild your life again in your home country.

A Portable Identity Coaching is with you each step of the way, helping you figure out how to incorporate all the changes and experiences you've been through as an expatriate and as a result of moving. Committed to your success, below is a glimpse of what you will gain partnering with us when you return home:

Repatriation: A Portable Identity Coaching gives you the support and guidance to re-define who you are "back home" in a way that is rewarding and meaningful to you, and that also encompasses the changes to your identity that have occurred as a result of your international experience.

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