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Coach with Debra or Charise to Take Charge of Change When You Move

"Anyone ever to encounter and navigate the endless and exhaustive details involved with moving and living overseas will appreciate the meticulous care and thought that went into this primer."

J.K., International Business Consultant, Washington, D.C.

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Is A Portable Identity Coaching Right for Me?

The following 15 questions are designed as a guideline to help you consider whether A Portable Identity Coaching may be of benefit to you at this juncture of your move.

  • Do you feel the impact of a lot of change all at once due to moving?
  • Do you have thoughts or feelings about your move that surprise or confuse you?
  • Do you wonder who you are in this mobile lifestyle?
  • Do you want to find out more about how your identity is affected by your move?
  • Do you desire a sense of direction or focus for yourself in this move and would like some guidance?
  • Do you desire a greater sense of purpose and/or fulfillment in your life overseas or back home?
  • Do you question how to utilize your skills and talents in your life overseas or back home?
  • Do you wonder how you can rebuild your support system now that you have moved?
  • Do you want to enhance the quality of your relationships (i.e., with your partner, children, friends, or family)?
  • Do you desire a greater understanding of the impact of crossing cultures on your identity?
  • Do you like to set goals for what you want to achieve in life?
  • Do you find that something often gets in the way of you accomplishing your goals?
  • Do you benefit from having someone else hold you accountable to what you want to achieve?
  • Do you want to find out what gift or opportunity this move offers you?
  • Do you see yourself taking risks and/or actions to support your success in the mobile lifestyle?
If you answered "yes" to several (or more) of the questions, we encourage you to consider A Portable Identity Coaching to discover how you can shape your identity in a way that brings you optimal satisfaction and fulfillment in your life wherever you are located in the world.

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