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Coach with Debra or Charise to Take Charge of Change When You Move

"Like many other women who accompany their husbands overseas, I started to think I was going crazy! But, after attending a workshop facilitated by the authors, I realized what I was feeling was completely normal."

Tracy Garringer,
Former U.S. Embassy Expatriate Wife,
Bangkok, Thailand

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Coaching for Expatriate Accompanying Spouses

Are you an accompanying spouse in the pre-departure stage of your move? Or are you already living overseas? Either way your life is turned upside down when you relocate internationally to support your husband’s or partner’s career. Change touches every area of your life during a move. You experience a loss of continuity, a loss of connection to familiar surroundings, and a loss of contact with people who have been central to your life. You may experience a wide range of thoughts and feelings that may not make sense to you. How you define yourself - your sense of who you are in relation to your world - becomes unclear. Your identity goes through a process of change that you may not fully understand.

You may find yourself having a running dialogue in your head similar to this one:

“I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster – am I going crazy or is this normal?...Does anyone else feel like this or am I the only one?...Why doesn’t my husband/partner understand what I’m going through?... I don’t know why I ever agreed to this move!... How much longer until home leave?...Will I ever feel like myself again?...Who am I in this relocation? ”

If you are having any thoughts like the ones described above before, during or after a move, it is an indication that your identity is in transition due to all the changes in your life as a result of the move. It also highlights that you are at a critical turning point where coaching can make a difference.

The research shows that the number one reason foreign assignments fail is due to the spouse’s dissatisfaction. We believe that this in large part is due to the changes in identity that occur when you move. Although we address this topic in depth in A Portable Identity, what we offer you with coaching is a service that goes beyond what we are able to provide in our book.

A Portable Identity Coaching is with you each step of the way as you take charge of all the changes that occur in your life when you move. Committed to your success, below is a glimpse of what you will gain partnering with us at each stage of the move:

Pre-departure: A Portable Identity Coaching gives you a head start on understanding and effectively managing the impact of moving on your identity. You will identify areas of concern and create an action plan with tools and strategies to skillfully deal with the changes as they occur.

After arrival: A Portable Identity Coaching gives you clarity about how moving has affected your identity during the early settling in period in your new environment, empowering you from the beginning of your international assignment to create a vision and plan to reconstruct your identity in a foreign country in a way that is satisfying and meaningful to you.

While living overseas: A Portable Identity Coaching gives you a new perspective about your experience as an expatriate accompanying spouse as you gain insight about the effect of moving and living overseas on your identity. With this knowledge, you will make choices and develop skills to structure your life in a way that gives you optimal satisfaction and fulfillment for the duration of your assignment.

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