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"…A Portable Identity goes to the heart of the dilemma women face once abroad."

Valerie Scane, Editor of Families in Global Transition's Website, Writer and Speaker of Expatriate Issues, and Corporate Expatriate Wife, Jakarta, Indonesia


Praise for A Portable Identity

"Like most women who have read "A Portable Identity" my first thought was: I wish I had this book when I made my first move! The authors have provided an invaluable tool for spouses caught up in that inevitable challenge we all have faced upon relocation, namely: who am I? This book is an excellent resource to help women find their own answer to that question (again and again, as it's helpful for people making multiple moves), with the help of exercises, solid advice and personal experience from two authors who are professionals as well as accompanying spouses."

Robin Pascoe,
The Expat Expert,
Author of Four Best-Selling Books on Expatriate Life,
and Inspirational Speaker

"This book explores territory that no other book does. It deals with the reality of moving overseas, when life is radically shifting. I have lived overseas for most of my adult life, and I believe this book is a huge contribution to the expatriate experience. It addresses every aspect of the impact of the move: mind, body and spirit."

Kacie Liput,
Corporate Expatriate Wife and
Community Organizer

"Anyone ever to encounter and navigate the endless and exhaustive details involved with moving and living overseas will appreciate the meticulous care and thought that went into this primer. The exercises for planning for, and understanding the different stages, emotions, and thought processes that accompany such a move are terrific, not just for the move itself, but for a very effective and smooth assimilation of this kind of life-changing experience. I will be giving this one to many of my friends who are also contemplating living and working overseas."

International Business Consultant,
Washington, D.C.

"Like many other women who accompany their husbands overseas, I started to think I was going crazy! But, after attending a workshop facilitated by the authors, I realized what I was feeling was completely normal. By using the skills and exercises that Debra and Charise illustrate in their book, you can get back on your feet and transition into your new lifestyle overseas."

Tracy Garringer,
Former U.S. Embassy Expatriate Wife,
Bangkok, Thailand

"I have long felt a lack of information about how crucial it is to know yourself and what is important to you. This knowledge can help you find or develop what you need in order to thrive in a foreign environment" A Portable Identity does a thorough job of addressing the issue...Even for someone not interested in answering questions, the book's sometimes painfully honest personal accounts provide riveting examples of the challenges of adapting to life overseas. Men who are "trailing spouses" will have to mentally change the pronouns, but should find it equally useful. A Portable Identity belongs in the personal library of every expat: it is a definite "must-buy"!"

Jan Fischer Bachman,
Managing Editor, Foreign Service Lifelines,
Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide

"The authors do not hide behind professional expertise but lay themselves bare, and reveal themselves with all their faults as well as their personal strengths. To read the book is to share in their personal sagas. At the end of the book, you feel like you have an intimate personal relationship with each of these very special women. A Portable Identity encourages a woman to take the time needed to get in touch with herself. The book achieves its objective of providing the means to "cope, grow and handle moves with grace and joy"."

Carol Usher,
Canadian Social Worker living and working in the UK, and
Book Reviewer for Tales from a Small Planet,
a website for expatriates

"By presenting their own stories of identity confusion and changes, Bryson and Hoge have given us an excellent plan of action to deal with our own personal and cultural adjustments in the overseas settings. This is a book that should not just be read. Rather one should take the time to complete the exercises and reflect on the wisdom enclosed in this work."

Thomas A. Rodgers, M.D.,
Former Regional Psychiatrist, U.S. Department of State

"I've counseled hundreds of expatriates having adjustment problems during the fifteen years that I ran the CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. It would have been nice to be able to refer them to this carefully crafted book that gently guides the reader toward a knowledge of herself that can allow her to be comfortable in any environment."

David R. Shlim, M.D.,
Medical Director,
Jackson Hole Travel and Tropical Medicine,
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"There is an abundance of self-help books on the market, but this unique workbook gets you to sit down and take on the task of putting your sense of "self" back where it needs to be when coping with a new and different environment. This book is not just about coping with change, but how to get back that person (yourself) you feel you may have lost in the move."

Donna Ayerst,
Family Liaison Office Publications Coordinator,
U.S. Department of State

"We forget the power of the individual to take the opportunity expatriation brings both to take stock of, and even refashion her life. Fortunately for partners everywhere, Bryson and Hoge have rectified that situation by creating A Portable Identity. Their experience combined with their counseling backgrounds gave them the skills to develop this honest, informative and user-friendly workbook for partners. A Portable Identity goes to the heart of the dilemma women face once abroad. By working through Bryson and Hoge's book, the partner will emerge with an energized new identity."

Valerie Scane,
Editor of Families In Global Transition's Website,
Writer and Speaker of Expatriate Issues,
and Corporate Expatriate Wife,
Jakarta, Indonesia

"This is an exceptional tool that should be given to every expat woman (first time OR long time) by corporate HR departments or government agencies as soon as an expat assignment is anticipated. Although you can work through some sections as soon as you learn about an expat assignment, you will gain just as much even if you begin after moving...or years into your expat experience!"

Margaret Sondey,
Corporate Expatriate Accompanying Spouse,
Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

"It is a fascinating read and an essential tool. Definitely worth buying, whether you are about to move or have already landed in a new country. It could be a life saver."

Jo Parfitt,
Expatriate Journalist, Author and Publisher, Motivational Speaker,
Founder of www.career-in-your-suitcase.com,
Voorschoten, Netherlands

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