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"We forget the power of the individual to take the opportunity expatriation brings both to take stock of, and even refashion her life… Fortunately for partners everywhere, Bryson and Hoge have rectified that situation by creating A Portable Identity"

Valerie Scane,
Editor of Families in Global Transition’s Website, Writer and Speaker of Expatriate Issues, and Corporate Expatriate Wife, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Debra is a gifted listener and one of the most compassionate and authentic individuals I have ever met – her dedication and commitment to others is refreshing in today’s world."

~ Janice M.

"I have the utmost respect for Debra – her insight and encouragement has been very valuable to me. She’s a great listener and has a way of knowing which questions to ask so that your mind will open up to all possibilities of an issue, allowing you to thoroughly analyze a situation before making an important decision.”

~ Sylvia B.

Coaching With Debra

My coaching is based in the belief that we each already have everything we need within us to take full advantage of the limitless opportunities and possibilities in life – it is our self in action that gives us the power to create the life we envision.

“Debra has a great commitment to people living lives that are fulfilling to them. It is rare to find in one person both an incredible serenity and an unwavering attention on being effective in life; Debra combines these qualities with grace, style, playfulness, and humor – so she is not only an insightful coach, but also delightful, uplifting and engaging. It has been a privilege to work with her over the past two years.” ~ Samantha E.

The insight and knowledge I’ve gleaned from my personal and professional experience relocating multiple times, both domestically and internationally, including during major life transitions, serve as a solid foundation that I bring to my work as a coach. As a woman, wife and mother, I also understand what it is like for you to consider how to best pursue dreams and/or goals of your own while simultaneously attend to other responsibilities in your life, such as meeting the needs of your family. As a coach, I help you move forward with intention on your own life path while balancing the impact of the choices you make on other aspects of your life, like your commitment to your family.

“Debra has the unique ability to coach intuitively – her coaching style is warm, reflective, and fluid. She is a skilled listener picking up on subtle cues, guiding the session naturally, resulting in others creating their own very powerful results. Our work together has been invaluable to me.” ~ Laurie M.

There is power in aligning your thoughts and beliefs in support of your goals. Through skillful collaboration we can bring forward your aspiration, passion or dream and translate this into an attainable goal with a structure and plan to achieve it. You can count on me to support you to breakthrough any roadblocks or obstacles, and to celebrate your successes as you manifest what you envision.

“Debra is smart, kind, caring, and really easy to talk to – she helped me through some very tough times. Before I met Debra, I was focused on all the things I couldn’t do. Debra brought out the best in me and helped me clarify my goals and break them down into manageable steps – her results oriented approach helped me see that I could accomplish anything. I spent five years in Asia, and if not for Debra, I would have returned home.” ~ Sara F.

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