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"I have long felt a lack of information about how crucial it is to know yourself and what is important to you.
This knowledge can help you find or develop what you need in order to thrive in a foreign environment. A Portable Identity does a thorough job of addressing the issue."

Jan Fischer Bachman,
Managing Editor, Foreign Service Lifelines, Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide

"Charise is a very gifted coach, asking just the right questions to allow me to focus on the steps required to deliver my goal. She deftly drew me back to my primary strengths and their close relationship to what I am creating. This gave me the emotional rocket fuel I needed."

~ Maria D.

Coaching with Charise

When you are at a juncture where you want clarity or definition about your path in life, especially during the upheaval of relocation, you want to do more than handle the situation – you want to meet it and take charge of it with all of your self.

My own path began as a dancer, and this orientation applies to how I support you as a coach. Coaching is primarily about movement, about finding impetus and direction to achieve your goals. In coaching, I look for what I call the ‘inspired moment’. The inspired moment is where you are moved to some action out of trust that it is exactly where you must go, what you must do or express. You are creating your path and may not see the end result but you know you’ll arrive there. A dancer has her immediate expression, and when she follows that then an entire choreography is revealed. As a coach, I encourage you to find inspired moments where you see who you are, your best possible self, and how that has impact on your world.

"Working with Charise transformed a challenge into a delightful and fun process. She is an exceptional listener, and has a naturally creative and fresh approach to areas that seem stuck. She drew out my best in what felt like a dance-like process that creatively moved me forward. I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future." ~ Kate K.

What excites me about coaching is finding the bridge between your internal world (your ideas, hopes, dreams) and your outer world (where you live, what you do, who you relate to), to make what is possible real. When you engage with me as a coach, it is a co-creative process that is synergistic, meaning that our collaboration is greater than what each of us contributes. It’s our shared commitment to the coaching relationship that brings results and allows you to maximize your potential.

"I have had the privilege of being coached by Charise Hoge. As a coach, she knows when to lead and when to follow. She listens with all her senses and is softly focused to hear what is behind the words and images. All that she brings to coaching enhances trust. Her manner was gentle yet persistent to hold me accountable to move forward in my life. I felt at home as she guided me along my path and brought light and movement to my efforts." ~ J. R.

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