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"This book is not just about coping with change, but how to get back that person (yourself) you feel you may have lost in the move."

Donna Ayerst, FLO Publications Coordinator, U.S. Department of State

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We invite you to join A Portable Identity Chat Group
Are you a woman moving or living overseas in support of your husband's career? If so, this is a forum for you to focus on the effect of the move on your identity. This is a place where your thoughts and feelings about the move can be voiced and validated, and where you can ponder questions such as "Who am I in this move?" By participating in a community of support with other women, you will have the opportunity to figure out what you need to do to maintain your own sense of self within the move. We encourage you to share ideas about how to take charge of the changes in identity you are experiencing, so that women around the globe who are going through a similar process, or who have gone through the process already, can benefit from your experience, and you can benefit from theirs.

Structure of A Portable Identity Chat Group
A Portable Identity Chat Group is for women moving or living overseas, or repatriating, in support of their husband's career. To post messages and view the message archive, you must register as a member of the group. We will make every attempt to approve memberships within two days. Please remember to choose an ID when you register that will give you the level of anonymity that you desire.

Our role as co-moderators of A Portable Identity Chat Group is to approve memberships, participate in the group to support the discussion, but not provide therapeutic advice.

(Note: from December 2004 through September 2007, A Portable Identity Chat Group was an open group and messages and the message archive were viewable by members and non-members alike. At the request of the group, in October 2007, the group was changed so that messages and the message archive are only viewable by members. This was done so members have more privacy to discuss the issues, challenges, and triumphs that accompanying spouses experience on a daily basis.)

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