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Coach with Debra or Charise to Take Charge of Change When You Move

"This unique workbook gets you to sit down and take on the task of putting your sense of "self" back where it needs to be when coping with a new and different environment."

Donna Ayerst,
Family Liaison Office Publications Coordinator, U.S. Department of State

Coaching Services

Benefits and Results
of Coaching with Debra or Charise

  • Expert guidance and essential support from one of the authors of A Portable Identity, Debra or Charise, who have each worked with accompanying spouses and/or advocated on their behalf for over 18 years.
  • Clarity on how each stage of the move has had an impact on your identity as an accompanying spouse, as a woman, as a human-being; providing you with crucial information to make powerful choices about your life.
  • Validation of your experience; making forward momentum possible.
  • Assessment of your personal strengths and resources; maximizing your innate abilities.
  • Identification of factors that may block you from achieving your goals or living the life you desire; developing strategies to eliminate them.
  • Customized plan, including action steps, practical and easy to-use tools, and a timeline for meeting your goals; manifesting what you envision for yourself and your life abroad or back home.
  • Accountability; partnering with you each step of the way by providing encouragement, focus and direction, to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Achievement; your vision of your own "portable identity" is actualized, which includes:

    • An identity that you create based on what is important to you and what gives meaning to your life.
    • An identity that is anchored to your sense of self separate from your home country and culture.
    • An identity that is adaptable to change in location so that you thrive overseas and during repatriation.

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