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"The exercises for planning for, and understanding the different stages, emotions, and thought processes that accompany such a move are terrific."

J.K., International Business Consultant, Washington, D.C.

About the Artwork and Graphics

Cover Art

Sandra Guiloff is the artist for the cover of A Portable Identity. Sandra is originally from Chile, and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. She holds an MFA from American University in Washington, D.C., for which she received a full scholarship. Her professional experience includes teaching art to both children and adults; producing and organizing art exhibits; graphic design, painting, drawing and etching. She created murals for the Hospital Calvo Mackenna in Santiago, Chile in 1992. From 1990 to the present, her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums both in Chile and the U.S. Sandra says, "Along my career, I have always aimed to study the essential traits of human condition, their evolution and transcendence, through the exploration of distinct motifs and techniques."

Charise had the good fortune to meet Sandra while she was residing in Washington, D.C. As an expatriate spouse herself, Sandra took an interest in the topic of our book, and very quickly developed an artistic understanding of what we wanted to portray as a cover image. Through selection and refinement of images, a creative process between Sandra and the authors resulted in the artwork you now see on the cover. The design and colors are visual metaphors that relate specifically to the content of the book. The image was done in watercolor and ink, and is an original piece of art.

Graphic Design

Shelley Kurgan is the graphic designer for all the diagrams, including The Wheel, in the book. She is originally from Ontario, Canada. She studied at the Sheridan College of Art, where she graduated from their Graphic Design Program. Her professional experience includes eight years working in corporate design at a variety of studios in Toronto. Shelley says, "I had a successful career and was pretty happy living in a big city when I met my future husband. That is when the course of my life changed. Up until then I had never even been on an airplane." Due to her husband's job (with Phillips Electronics), she moved to Italy for two years. While in Italy, Shelley went to school to learn Italian, did some freelance work for a design studio, and taught English for a few months. In the fall of 1999, Shelley relocated to Austin, Texas. It is in Austin where she met Debra through a mutual friend. As a trailing spouse herself, Shelley took a special interest in the topic of our book and offered to help with the graphics. She willingly invested her time to collaborate with the authors and develop all the diagrams. She transformed our crude pencil drawings into sophisticated representations of our model, The Wheel.

Shelley has two daughters. From her own experience as an expatriate wife, she says," I wish I had a book like A Portable Identity to help me deal with all the changes and the profound loss of one's self when moving overseas".

About the Book

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